IC Engineering

Our team of expert engineers can develop, test, integrate, deliver and support all or select components of your new project.

Services span IP, models, virtual platforms, ICs, hardware, embedded software and systems.

  • Short of hardware, software or system development resources?
  • Need accelerated time to market through first silicon success and faster embedded software development?
  • Want to reduce project risk?
  • Interested in adopting new technology, such as virtual platforms, and building expertise?
  • Prefer to focus on using and exploiting the full potential of your project, while delegating some development details?

Knowledge Transfer

In addition to ensuring the success of your current project, ARMA can help with knowledge transfer to empower your team with new understanding, technology and tools.

  • Implementing new processors, peripherals, and IP
  • 3rd-party IP integration
  • ESL and virtual platform technology adoption
  • Advanced support in using new tools
  • Design reuse

Empower your team for future productivity, with the benefits of ARMA knowledge transfer.

ARMA Systems, expert Test System

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